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Hidoc Dr. and Hidoc Offers are products of Infedis Infotech LLP. The company was established in November 2016 to provide a best in class Healthcare Platform and Products for Doctors and Patients.

Hidoc Dr. is a Medical Learning App for Doctors and Hidoc Offers provides its users with essential Local Medical Offers.

Infedis Infotech LLP aims to provide Consistent Quality of Healthcare Products and Platforms to Doctors that are Compatible with a changing business environment.

At Infedis Infotech we take calculated risks through exceptional execution in all technical, marketing and operational activities at the company.

Hidoc Dr. is now 75,000 Doctor Strong Community with Doctors from 170+ Countries. Additionally, Hidoc Dr. is now among the Top #5 Trending Medical Apps in India, Pakistan and Nepal. Hidoc Dr. advisory board now includes 30+ Doctors across specializations such as Surgery, Critical Care, Internal Medicine, Homeopathy, Family Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Nephrology. Moreover, Hidoc Dr. is now a 15 Member strong team across all functions. Monthly, reach of Hidoc Dr. content is to over 100,000 Unique Medical Professionals both digitally and in the field.


To confidently provide consistent quality of products and services to our clients that are compatible with the current business environment
To make a profit from every product and service we provide our clients


Our vision is to build, operate and enhance a best in class healthcare platform for doctors and patients.


We always aim to provide best in class consistent quality of products and services to our clients.
We always aim to be compatible with the changing business environment and client requirements.
We always aim to be confident by taking calculated risks in our daily operational environment.

Our journey so far

Reached 34 Associates
Hidoc Dr. App: Reached 34 Associates
June 2019
Improved Social Media reach to 3.4 Mn
Hidoc Dr. App:Improved Social Media reach to 3.4 Mn
June 2019
Increases Reach to 410K HCP
Hidoc Dr. App: Increases Reach to 410K HCP
June 2019
Reached 25 B2B Clients
Hidoc Dr. App:Reached 25 B2B Clients
June 2019
Reached 4000 App Subscribers
Hidoc Dr. App: Reached 4000 App Subscribers
June 2019
Featured on Silicon India Cover Page
Hidoc Dr. App:Featured on Silicon India Cover Page
May 2019
Top #10 Startups in Pune
Hidoc Dr. App: Top #10 Startups in Pune
May 2019
Reached 1Mn Social Media Weekly Reach
Hidoc Dr. App:Reached 1Mn Social Media Weekly Reach
May 2019
Added 3 New Adivsory Board
Hidoc Dr. App:Added 3 New Adivsory Board Members
April 2019
Increases Reach to 300K HCP
Hidoc Dr. App:Increases Reach to 300K HCP
April 2019
Largest Medical Conference Database
Launched India's Largest Medical Conference Database
April 2019
Reached 5oK Downloads
Hidoc Dr. App:Reached 5oK Downloads
February 2019
Presence in 170+ Countries
Hidoc Dr. App: Presence in 170+ Countries
November 2018
Top 50 Medical App
Hidoc Dr. App:#Top 50 Medical App in 30 Countries
November 2018
Reached 10K Users
Hidoc Dr. App: Reached 10K Users
October 2018
video conference
Hidoc Dr. App: Live Video Conferencing Launched
June 2018
Doctor quiz
Hidoc Offers App: Crossed 10 Offers &
Hidoc Dr. App: Quiz Module released May 2018
medical article subscription
Hidoc Offers App: First 1000 Offer Claims &
Hidoc Dr. App: First Subscription Sold March 2018
medical conference
First National Level Conference:
March 2018
medical cases discussion
Hidoc Offers App: First 1000 Users &
Hidoc Dr. App: Past Cases Launched February 2018
Doctors social network
Hidoc Offers App Launched &
Hidoc Dr. App: Dr. Social network Launch January 2018
Virtual clinics
Hidoc Offers App: Beta App Launched
Hidoc Dr. App: Virtual Clinics Launch December 2017
medical app beta release
Hidoc Dr. App: Product in Beta Launched
September 15 2017
hidoc company formation
Company's' First Day of Work
April 10, 2017


top 1 trending

Featured in TOP #1 TRENDING MEDICAL App in India.

awarded as top 50

Awarded as TOP 50 Smart Healthcare company in Asia

achieved 4.1 lakhs doctors

We have achieved 4.1 Lakhs Doctor Reach


top 10 most promising startups

Pune, India's #TOP 10 Most Promising Startups - Silicon India

top 100 critical doctors

Used by TOP #100 CRITICAL CARE Doctors in India.

4 million social media reach

Overall 4 Million Social Media - Reach


represents in 170+ countries

Advisory Board Members


Dr. Rajesh Gadia

Dr. Rajesh Gadia

Critical Care & Internal Medicine

Dr. Ausaf Shaikh

Dr. Ausaf Shaikh

Family Physician

Dr. Hrushikesh Shitole

Dr. Hrushikesh Shitole

Internal Medicine

Dr. Sachin Mehta

Dr. Sachin Mehta


Dr. Milind Gadkari

Dr. Milind Gadkari


Dr. Sanjay Agarwal

Dr. Sanjay Agarwal


Dr. Vinod Naik

Dr. Vinod Naik


Dr. Vinod Naik

Dr. Shailaja Kale


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